I'm planning to move the information elements of this site to a new site in the next month or so. Hopefully this will allow for a clearer layout enabling people to find the information they require more easily. The blog and personal information will remain on this site. I will continue to publish important information here for the time being, but apologies if other pages, e.g. places to visit, are not updated. Once the new site is published I'll add the link here.  Many thanks for your patience, and keep reading...








Sometimes there are planned power cuts when the electricity board is doing maintenance work. If I find out about any I will post them here, although notices are also put up in the village.




In 2004 I first came to visit Bulgaria on a house viewing trip. Although I didn't buy anything at that time, I fell in love with the country and people.  The purpose of this site is to gather in one place all the things I have learned about Bulgaria, in particular Gostilitsa and the Gabrovo region, since then. 

Click on the links above to navigate the different sections of information.  The 'Dear Diary' page contains my thoughts, current projects and plans, and little snippets of everyday life for me in Gostilitsa.  Many of the pages have links to other pages or to websites (the links are underlined and in black). Clicking on these will take you direct to the link page.  Try it now!

Places mentioned on the site are referenced with their co-ordinates for Google maps to assist in locating them.

Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer. ( It's a work in progress so please be patient, but I hope it proves helpful and a little entertaining!

Julie Draysey

21st April 2012

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