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Wednesday 15th November, 2017
Category: 2017/11
Tags: crochet blanket

Very thrilling moment today - the crochet blanket I started working on over a year ago has been finished!

It's been a lot of work (mostly through the winter months hence why it's taken so long) with quite a lot of planning to ensure every hexagon is different, but it's also been a very satisfying process. The final step today was to do a border just to smooth out the edges, and to catch in any little threads which were sticking out.  It's mostly just for decoration but it does feel lovely and warm - just the thing for snuggly afternoon naps!

I won't be doing such a big project for a while, though I'd really like to have a go at crocheting a pair of slipper socks which are quite common out here, and more specifically the ones I've seen on YouTube which are designed to look like a pair of trainers, complete with laces. Watch this space...


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