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There is now a separate site with information on living in Bulgaria, including:

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  • Healthcare matters for people and pets
  • Public transport and issues relating to car ownership
  • Becoming a Bulgarian resident and learning the language
  • Tourism, public holidays, festivals, places to visit, hiking routes

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Unfortunately I've been having an increasing number of problems with storage on this site, so I've decide to continue the diary section elsewhere. Click here for the link to the new site.  The old diary entries will remain here for anyone wishing to delve into the murky past

Saturday 9th October, 2010
Category: 2010/10

Woohoo, blue skies!  Chopped down spiky tree and stashed cuttings on top of garage.  Whilst I was up there I scavenged a load of fallen walnuts (need to buy a nutcracker as the hammer tends to mash them).  Keith stopped by to show me the proper wood stain/varnish to buy and where the shops are in Gabrovo to buy it from.  Baba V called round with more eggs and her clock which has stopped.  Tried changing the battery for her but it still doesn't go for more than a few seconds.  Might see if I can pick up a new one for her in Gabrovo.    She brought some more family photos round to show us.  I'm not sure but I think she has 2 daughters and 2 grandsons and granddaughters.  The conversation turned to "Will I be coming to live here alone?", "Am I not married?" before handing me a photo of one of the grandsons.  Is she trying to set me up?!

Friday 8th October, 2010
Category: 2010/10

Ugh, rain all day again.  Went to Sevlievo and had a wander round the market.  Bought a big box of hot donuts with chocolate sauce and sugar.  Halfway through began to feel sick so tried to give the rest to a passing child who refused.  Kids these days!

Thursday 7th October, 2010
Category: 2010/10

Went to shop for bread and marg and noticed they now seem to do sausages and bits of meat.  Looked like chicken pieces for 1.50 levs which seems mega cheap.  Did some washing then went for a walk to the Roman ruins.  Everywhere was really overgrown so got covered in big clumps of sticky burrs.  Took a while to actually locate any of the fallen pillars.  Came home via the road. 


Pink blossoms                           One of the pillars                           Stopping for coffee

Sewage stink is awful so tipped half a bottle of drain cleaner down and left it half an hour before pouring boiling water on it.


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