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Thursday 30th September, 2010
Category: 2010/09

Headed to Gabrovo for shopping.  Went to snack bar first and bought 2 apple strudel rings for breakfast.  Walked along the river eating them.  Bought toms, peppers, carrots and onions at market then off to Billa for main shopping.  Forgot to weigh cucumber yet again so check-out girl had to go and do it.  Why do the cucumbers always fox me?

Back home - cup of tea at last!  Sun came out so began weeding side garden.  My own plants have spread really well (along with ginormous weeds) and the little apple trees look good.


Tree saplings

Wednesday 29th September, 2010
Category: 2010/09

Arrived about 4pm, new cat to greet us - little black and white kitten.  House usual cobwebby mess and side garden a wilderness.  Giant berry bush appears to have taken up residence in the wood shed too.


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