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Monday 25th June 2018
Category: 2018/06
Tags: garden pond veggies

I've been home almost a week now, a week which has flown by in a haze of pottering in the garden and napping (I blame jet lag!)

It sounds mean but I'm always more excited to see the garden when I get home, than I am to see the pets (don't tell them) and it's an exciting moment to open the front gate and see how much things have changed over the five weeks I've been away. I wasn't disappointed.

The veggies have gone crazy, and my eye was instantly drawn to the thicket of corn, some of which is way taller than me. Here's a quick tour of some of the produce:

Okra plants for the very first time. The first batch all got nibbled by slugs so I decided to keep these ones in their pots which seems to have worked okay.

Giant heap of carrots, mainly the small stumpy ones which are delicious cooked whole. Mixing the sand in with the manure clearly worked well and I'm wondering about sowing the turnips here once I've lifted the carrots.

The cucumber plants have trailed all over the place, so I've now lifted them up to dangle over the bean poles. Next year I think I'll tie strings down from the poles and encourage the cucumbers to climb up from the get go.

The leeks are all looking sorry for themselves, poor things. I think I chose bad places for them to grow - next to potatoes and cucumbers - as they got completely overwhelmed by their companion plants and a bit battered. I've transplanted them here now and hopefully the current cool wet weather will give them a chance to re-establish themselves and to start growing better.

The tomato plants are already nice and tall with lots of trusses ready to ripen. What I thought was a plum tomato has turned out to be these big beefy ones, perfect with some sirene cheese!

Back in May, Kaufland were selling off packets of seeds for 20 stotinkis, so I boughts some aubergine ones, having never grown them before. I scattered the seeds in a pot before going to the UK and returned to a big bunch of healthy seedlings. I've transplanted eight of them into these tubs as I don't know how long they take to produce fruits, and if needs be I can bring the tubs up onto the patio for a bit of shelter in autumn.

Good old courgettes, already with several marrow like courgettes and lots more flowers on the way.

The couple who looked after the place whilst I was away had once again put a selection of fruits in my freezer for me, so this year I have loganberries, redcurrants and cherries already stashed, as well as more still ripening, though I seem to have competition as to who can pick them first:

My gooseberries have also produced good crops and make a sweet topping to my cornflakes in the morning.

Those top two aren't mouldy - it was the effect of the flash on the camera!

There are quite a lot of flowers blooming including a whopping big hollyhock which is already towering over the front gate. It's a gorgeous velvety black colour, grown from some seeds I saved a couple of years ago. I've now planted a few more around the garden and might look into getting some other colours too.

I was curious to see how the pond life was progressing, especially the tadpoles, but at first glance it seemed they were all pretty much the same, with just a few developing back legs. then today I spotted these little cuties nestled in the leaves of a pond plant. Aren't they beautiful?

I wonder if they climb up to rest whilst they complete their change into proper frogs, as they seem to have tiny remnants of their tadpole tails still. They don't look too happy yet. Maybe they'll cheer up when they discover their full jumping potential later on!



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