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Sunday 15th April, 2012
Category: 2012/04

In the garden there is a very rough built garage.  It isn't on the skitsa nor listed as an outbuilding on the original notary deeds but foolishly I didn't question this.  When I first bought the house it was full of bits of wood cuttings from trees which seemed to belong to Baba Vanka, the old lady in the house at the bottom of the garden.  Then in 2008 suddenly a car appeared.  I presumed it belonged to the mechanic chap over the road and that he was just storing it there. Since I wasn't using the garage at that point, I didn't mind if he did.

In 2010 I thought perhaps I should start finding out how to go about gently turfing him out so that I could begin plans for renovating it.  That's when things turned sticky.  It turns out, from what Baba Vanka says, that a man called Altiman bought that corner of the garden and promptly built the garage on it.  I have no idea when this happened although I'm guessing quite a while ago since the garage is rather dilapidated.  She couldn't say how to get hold of this Altiman chap.  Since then I have asked the property management people to get their lawyer to dig into this situation.  Does Altiman have a genuine claim? Can I get the garage back? So far no news which is very frustrating. 

I now have my UK home up for sale with a view to moving over permanently, and when I do, one of the things I will definitely need is a garage to store my car in.  For my own peace of mind I've begun plans for the eventuality that I have lost that corner of the garden:



I will construct a new garage in between the old one and the side garden.  If I ever get back ownership of the old one then it will serve as a good storage area for wood supplies.  This is the plan anyway.  I just wish the lawyer would get to work and give me some news one way or the other.


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