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Saturday 28th May, 2016
Category: 2016/05

I must confess I have been struggling to find something to write about in this blog, not because nothing has been happening but because I have been forbidden from mentioning anything even remotely linked to work, on social media. This means I can't tell you that I am currently sitting here at the dining table, surrounded by 'work', looking out into the street on my left and the garden on my right. I probably shouldn't discuss the fact that when I look past my 'work' and into the street, the first thing which catches my attention is a green wheelie bin. That reminds me of a huge temptation I had just before moving to Bulgaria, so I shall take a brief break from 'work' and tell you about it.

In Barnsley at that time we had a grey bin for non-recyclable rubbish, a green one for garden waste and cardboard and a blue box for glass and tins. About a month before I left, the council sent out letters saying that if anyone wanted a blue bin instead of the box then we could phone up and request one free of charge. How useful would a wheelie bin have been! An extra water butt... a mini composter... I was very close to claiming my freebie which would then mysteriously vanish from the front of the house and miraculously reappear some 1800 miles south-east. Needless to say, stupid conscience got the better of me.

'Work' will pretty much be finished by next Friday which will give me another week home alone (the sister has jetted off to warmer climes for a fortnight, leaving me in charge of feeding the cat and raiding her food cupboards - the sister's cupboards that is, not the cat's which incidentally is a he anyway) during which I plan to do some gardening for her. The Bulgarianised part of me cannot bear to see a garden without food produce in it, so within 24 hours of my arrival the sister was compelled to watch me plant some spare onions and garlic I'd kindly thought to bring over, along with a few bean seeds (which are already sprouting). The rest of the garden chores are very simple though - cutting the grass (oh joy to be able to use a hover mower on a lawn that actually is made of grass) and weeding (cute little shallow rooted weeds with soft leaves as opposed to deeply entrenched monsters with spiky stingy leaves). It will be a doddle!

Ah well, time to get back to 'work' which I believe I have kept shrouded in secrecy and am therefore not in breach of my contract. Miss Moneypenny will be so proud...

Friday 13th May, 2016
Category: 2016/05
Tags: illness

Fess up, have you guys missed me?

Today marks 30 days of medical mayhem, so I'm sincerely hoping that whatever misalignment of planets has caused it, is now settling down to a summer of pain free good health.

It was exactly on the 13th of last month when I was having my deviated septum operated on. This was followed a week later by the excrutiating experience of stitch and ginormous support plate removal. My nose still has a bit of soreness inside, and the tip feels numb, but the main thing is I can breathe properly through both nostrils, so that's a success story.

The next thing was the start of a bout of flu which began to hit on Good Friday (29th April). I very rarely even get colds these days, and if I do they are usually only a 24 hour thing, but this flu was something else. I was completely knocked out in bed alternately shivering and sweating for 5 days, with every joint being stabbed by aches and all topped off with a hacking cough which felt like my lungs were being torn out. Even after the aches and sweats subsided I was left feeling utterly drained - even walking up and down stairs would leave me puffing and panting and needing a lie down. It was awful. I absolutely loathe being ill, not to mention the time for my trip to the UK was ticking ever closer and I began to seriously wonder if I would be fit to travel. Thankfully enough energy returned a few days before my flight, giving me time to pack, sort out the coach ticket and make arrangements for the care of my place while I'm away. Phew!

Yesterday came the third (and fingers crossed, final) incident when I was the passenger in a car crash. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, just the usual seat belt bruising and whiplash type shoulder pain, though that is already starting to ease up a bit.

Come on you gods of health - have I not suffered enough already!


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