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Tuesday 12th October, 2010
Category: 2010/10

Painted the metal parts of the balcony and finished clearing up the garden.  Water metre man came as did Baba V bringing two small saplings which I planted.  No idea what they are though.  Gave her the new clock I'd got and she seemed pleased with it.  Used up all remaining food in a big mish mash dinner with eggy custard for pudding.

Monday 11th October, 2010
Category: 2010/10

Went to the museum of Humour in Gabrovo and then Etara and the Sokolski monastery.  Had a drink of Boza - disgusting!  Like thick Weetabix and Sugar Puff milkshake. Yuck! 


Statues in and around the House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo

Found the paint shop Keith mentioned and bought some tins of the proper wood paint.

Stray cats and dogs being fed

Sunday 10th October, 2010
Category: 2010/10

Ah, proper blue skies again.  Used some of the varnish I already have to paint the balcony rail.  Wasps kept being attracted to it and then getting stuck when they landed on it, struggling angrily trying to get their legs free.  Kept standing well back in case one of them managed to unstick themselves.  Sunbathed whilst it dried then had another bonfire.  Got bolder this time and built a much bigger one so got most of the trimmings burnt.  Made roast dinner with very salty home-made stuffing...mmm yummy.  Still not full so decided to make some pancakes for pudding.  Was pouring more flour into the mixture when suddenly a maggot dropped out!  Oh dear God the flour's infested!  Dilemma - confess and have no pancakes or dig them out and enjoy the pudding?  Built up a little pile of batter covered maggots on the work surface and served the pancakes in a dimply lit living room, just in case I missed one.  Discretely dumped the rest of the flour in the bin and washed the maggots down the sink.  I'm now officially the worst host ever!

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