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Tuesday 31st July, 2012
Category: 2012/07
Tags: arrival cleaning repairs DIY electricity wiring

Slept on the sofa last night as the upstairs of the house was still filthy and woke at about 8am to a garden full of bright blue cornflowers.† As soon as the hot sun gets to them they seem to vanish yet reappear the next morning.† Continued cleaning and over the course of the day got the house finished at least to a liveable standard.

The weather has been very sultry today with several distant rumbles of thunder.† Inside the house itís been about 26 degrees with the occasional lovely breeze blowing through.

Iím very proud of having fixed the extractor fan in the bathroom myself after it fell off the wall some months ago.† The fall made some of the wires come loose from the connector so, armed with a torch and several screwdrivers, I turned off all the electricity and reconnected the wires.† The unit itself fits into a hole in the wall through which I can see next doorís house.† The hole must be about two feet long which just shows how enormously thick some of these walls are.† Wedged the fan into place, turned on the electricity and hey presto it worked!† Wasnít quite so successful with the wood burner.† I plugged it back in to give the water a good circulation upon which I leapt back with my arm tingling right up to the shoulder.† Something definitely wrong with the wiring there so turned off all the electric and unplugged it again.† Will need to get an electrician in to look at it (and he can also sort out the socket which hangs off the wall in the bedroom whilst heís at it).

Monday 30th July, 2012
Category: 2012/07
Tags: arrival cleaning ants

Entering a house swamped by cobwebs and dirt and seeing the garden overgrown with weeds is always disheartening to say the least and standing there in the heat having been up since 2am was briefly overwhelming Ė where do I start?† Grabbed a broom and began by sweeping the ceilings much to the dismay of the spiders, and soon the rooms started to look a little more habitable.† Got most of downstairs cleaned up (in between falling asleep on the sofa) and had supper of bread, ham and tomatoes.

The giant ants I tackled last October have decided to take up residence in the house after I destroyed their tree trunk.† Iím not sure how far inside theyíve tunnelled but they were definitely slipping into a tiny hole in the exterior plaster on the balcony.† Mixed up my brew of 10 spoons of sugar to one spoon of boric acid and poured this tasty treat into several dishes along their main route.† It didnít take them long to find it and to start feeding.† Die my pretties, die!

Saturday 28th July, 2012
Category: 2012/07
Tags: removals Barnsley

Well it's been a week since everything went through.† The house sale was finalised on the Thursday and the removals team came on Friday.† What an amazing job they did.† The poor guys had to work in the pouring rain, trying to pack all of my things into the 20 cubic metres I'd booked.† I think it fit with literally centimetres to spare.† They had to put it into storage for a few days but I think it began its journey to Bulgaria yesterday.† It was a little strange saying goodbye to Barnsley as I drove away and I have lots of really happy memories of that place.† But most of my emotions are the excitement of the move to Gostilitsa and all the new challenges that will bring.†


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