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Saturday 12th December, 2009
Category: 2009/12

Woke up to snow!

Only an inch or so but very pretty.† Worried about the journey though; if the roads are bad I can only drive slowly.† Did about 20mph all the way to the main road as the snow had settled completely.† Once I got on the main road it was a bit clearer and after an hour it was only wet on the roads, no snow.† Passed a couple of gritters and snow ploughs on the way to Sofia so they must try to keep the main roads clear as much as possible.† Reached Sofia at 10.30am and bought a couple of snacks at the garage.† Got to the airport and handed the car back right outside the main doors which was handy.† Watching out of the plane window waiting to take off when a man in a truck came along and squirted the wings with a hose pipe.† Now that's what you call a de-icer spray!

Friday 11th December, 2009
Category: 2009/12

Very cold out last night.† Cat snuggled on slippers again but didn't want any biscuits - maybe near to giving birth.† Scythed around the fruit trees and hacked back brambles.† Saw Baba V in the garden about 4pm so went down with a little present for her.† Waited until she shut the chickens in then gave her the things - hard to gauge her response, she seems very blasť.† She gave me two packets of biscuits in return and then brought out a small bottle of red stuff.† Excellent, I thought, her lovely red wine.† She poured some into a glass for me and I must admit I was a bit surprised at how pink it was, but maybe it hadn't fermented yet.† Took a sip... oh my God!!! The most disgusting concoction EVER!† Salt water with the flavour of cabbage and onions and goodness only knows what else.† She then gestured to some eggs and before I knew it she was frying some up for us both.† She used a lot of oil, heavily seasoned with salt and dished me up three eggs despite my feeble protests, along with a huge chunk of cheese and some bread.† I'd already had two eggs for breakfast - time to get cholesterol levels checked.† Managed to eat the eggs and some of the cheese but the pink drink had left me feeling quite ill.† Her hospitality is so kind and I really do appreciate how she's taken me under her wing but ohhh I feel so ill!

Thursday 10th December, 2009
Category: 2009/12

Woke 9.30am.† Quite misty out and has rained in the night.† Pregnant cat perched on slippers outside waiting for breakfast.

Got fire going then tea and biccies in bed listening to the radio.† Sealed some of the insides of the window frames and then breakfast.† Big fluffy ginger cat came and chomped on the scraps.† Radio playing British folk music and finished with The Irish Rover.

1pm made up a flask to go for a walk.† Just heading off when up pops Baba V again.† Once more she mentions the wood and gives me a ten minute lecture.† As soon as she went home I decided to throw all the remaining wood back over the wall - hopefully he won't notice the missing bits now stashed in my shed!† Note to self - ignore anything Baba V points at unless she physically puts it in my hands.† Set off for walk to Diskoduratera.† The walk is well marked and saw tons of gold finches, great tits and other small birds on the way. Stopped at a picnic table on the way for coffee.†

Path passes the massive ruined building you can see from the road which turns out to be an old flour mill.

The Roman ruins are quite extensive with lots of excavated pits and a couple of stones with lettering carved into them.† Got back about 4pm - approximately three hour stroll.† Would be brill in summer to set alarm for dawn and do the walk just as sun coming up.

Stove quite smoky every time I open the door.† Had to keep vent open all evening.† Maybe it's the logs being damp still.

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