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Sunday 27th May 2012
Category: 2012/05

Is it really only a week since I sold my house? It seems like months ago, or maybe that's just because the week has felt like a tornado of chaos and excitement and panic and moments of just wanting to bury my head in the sand and hope that somehow everything magically gets sorted. The biggest relief was when my wonderful sister came to the rescue and said she would love to adopt George. What a brilliant offer! That just simplifies things so much for me and although I will still feel sad and a little guilty at leaving him behind (especially after telling him all about Bulgaria and how much he will enjoy exploring out there - yes I am that crazy cat lady!) I know he'll be well looked after and won't have to go through the stress of such a long journey.

So, having sorted that out I then just have to organise shipment of my possessions. I contacted about five removal companies for quotes and am still waiting to hear from a couple. I actually have no real idea of how much space all my stuff will take up, I mean just how many cubic metres of books, clothing and gravy granules will I be taking? There are lots of sites which help estimate but none of their furniture items seem quite the same as mine and besides, that still doesn't help with all the bits and bobs. In the end I spent some time yesterday actually measuring all the furniture I'm taking and adding it to the pile of packing boxes I've ordered. My calculations take it to about 15 cubic metres which seems very small. Perhaps I added a decimal point in the wrong place here and there! I have visions of moving day arriving and half of my belongings being left on the street because they don't fit. I think I will email my measurement list to the removal firm and see what they say.

Tuesday 22nd May, 2012
Category: 2012/05

The forms arrived today from the solicitor for the house sale. I don't remember having to fill all this information in the last time I sold. Some of it is incomprehensible. Do I have a 'wayleave agreement'? I don't even know what one is! And which fixtures and fittings are staying? That sent me up into the attic to see if I still have a set of old curtains for the bedroom and lounge. Yes I know it's being tight fisted but I really like my bedroom curtains especially with the blackout linings so I can snooze till late on the sunniest of mornings. Luckily the manky chintz ones from the 1990s are still safely wrapped in the attic - I knew I was hanging on to them for a good reason. You see? Never chuck anything out, ever!

I've been making enquiries about transporting George to Bulgaria. George is my beloved 11 year old cat, who sleeps as much as he can but has the ears of a bat whenever there's the slightest hint of food being prepared. I only have to look at the fridge door and he's there. I discovered that BA only allow pets to fly if they are brought with an official pet courier service, hence the enquiries. I think all he will need then is the rabies vaccine, micro-chipping and the pet passport. No idea how I'm going to get him to sit on the little chair in the photo booth yet.

Sunday 20th May, 2012
Category: 2012/05

Tremendous excitement at the moment. Yesterday the estate agent phoned to say that the young couple who viewed my house have upped their offer to 65000. This is the minimum I was prepared to drop to, but was told they couldn't go any higher as they don't have any more money for a higher deposit. I might be being a sucker but I don't care... I want to move!!! So I said yes! Don't want to count chickens bla bla bla but I had SUCH a big grin on my face all the way home (I was on the train from Sheffield at the time). Monday I need to appoint a solicitor to get the ball rolling but my head has been whirling with 'to do's' ready for when the move happens. Big on the list of course are my plans for the garden, and more precisely the notorious garage issue. I had a sudden flash of inspiration last week about a completely new plan for the garden and spent much of a day on google earth trying to recreate a more accurate scale plan of the property. This is the result:

Impressive, right?

1: I'll have the front of the middle barn bricked up and it re-roofed to form an enclosed barn to use as a proper workshop/storage area/ spare bedroom!

2: The end shed will remain open fronted but just re-roofed.

3: A pergola with grape vines and shingle ground cover for outdoor dining, sitting, snoozing.

4: A garage, approximately 4m x 6m which will still give space for a bit of working area around the car.

5: The existing bone of contention which will either be fenced off and forgotten, or (if it's mine) demolished and the ground used for something.

There's still plenty of room for some veggie beds in the centre too. I'm feeling pretty pleased with this design, so now I need to push forward to make it happen, particularly the planning permission for the new garage.


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