Located about a 20km drive from Gostilitsa, Bozhentsi (42.873862, 25.424723) is a traditional village in a very picturesque setting.  To get there from Gostilitsa drive to the main road at Dryanovo and turn right towards Gabrovo.  After a couple of miles you will see the brown sign for the turn ff to Bozhentsi.

The village was declared an architectural reserve in 1964 meaning that the buildings are all preserved in the traditional style.  Some of them are museums and there are gift shops and a restaurant.  There's a new car park outside and the last time I went we had to pay for the parking (1 lev per hour) but no entrance fee to the village, whereas previously I recall paying an entrance fee.  Wander along the cobbled paths to the higher parts of the village for some lovely views. 

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