Heading out of the village towards Dryanovo, there is a path across the fields to the Roman ruins of Diskoduratera.  The path is marked with red and white striped paint and has one or two picnic tables en route and two information boards showing the trail and giving information about the site.  The path goes across fields, over a little bridge and through the trees, arriving first at an old abandoned flour mill before turning right and continuing to the ruins.  At the site there are numerous excavated pits, the remains of a boundary wall and several marble columns covered in Roman writing.  When I went with my sister and niece in 2011, we also found bones and teeth scattered around the site, some animal some human, including part of a human skull.

Further Information. (In Bulgarian)

Article about a protest when they proposed to remove the remains (In Bulgarian)

Link to a recent Facebook article about current excavations 2013 (In Bulgarian)


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