Just outside of Dryanovo heading towards Gabrovo is the turn off to the monastery.  As well as the church and its beautiful grounds there are a hoard of souvenir kiosks, places to eat, the beginning of a couple of ecotrail walks, a high walk challenge course and the Bacho Kiro Caves.  It sounds very touristy but to be honest, unless you go on a bank holiday or maybe a Sunday I've always found it to be very quiet and peaceful.  The setting is absolutely beautiful deep in the gorge with the river and its little waterfalls.  The souvenir shops actually sell a good range of decent things at good prices and they definitely don't pester you like in some other places.  There's a car park and parking areas at the side of the road although you have to pay for both (not much though).  Have a look at all the red and white martenitsas hanging from the trees as you walk to the church... there are hundreds of them!

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