On the other side of the Sofia-Varna highway lies the village of Hotnitsa, and just outside the village the road takes you down to a lovely pool, waterfall and ecotrail. The first time I came here was in the middle of a very hot September and it was just so lovely to get into the cold water and swim about.  Until I saw the snake of course.  It was only a little baby one but I was a bit worried by the way in which it stopped swimming and looked directly at us for a while.  The ecotrail is well marked but with some quite steep steps, almost ladders, to climb now and then. The route follows the river past dozens more pools and waterfalls.

To get there from Gostilitsa:

Take the road towards Dryanovo then make a left turn to Kerekla.  Further on you will see a sign pointing left towards Pavlikeni. Follow this and you will come to the main Sofia-Varna road.  Turn right here and then after a short distance turn left to the the village of Momin Sbor.  Drive through the village and continue along the quite narrow, winding road. Watch out for the sharp left turn indicated by the ecotrail sign.  Roads and signs may change at short notice, so check your route on a map!

Click here for some excellent pictures of the trail.

Click here for my version of the film Anaconda.

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