Mum and I took a drive to Kazanlak in May 2008 to see the famous Valley of the Roses.  The drive from Gostilitsa heads over the Shipka Pass which is an amazing drive to do (in good weather).  As we drove along the main road towards Kazanlak, we foolishly expected to see fields of bright coloured roses on either side of us but could see nothing except greenery.  Where are all the rose bushes, we wondered.  It was only when we pulled over to study the landscape through binoculars that mum spotted that all the greenery was in fact the rose bushes.  Reading about the industry later in the museum, we found that the roses for oil are picked whilst they're still in bud, and that was why we saw no flowers! Silly us.  The Rose museum is on the left before you reach Kazanlak.  It's only a small display but I thought it was interesting (after the curator switched on the lights for us).  I can't remember the statistics but it takes a phenomenal number of rosebuds to make a tiny drop of oil. 

Opening hours:
May 10 - October 31 from 09.00 to 17.00
in winter after prior arrangement
Entrance fee:
adults 3Lv, students 1 Lv.

Further Information - Roses

Heading into Kazanlak itself, we followed signs for the Thracian Tomb (there are several visible as you drive along the road towards Kazanlak).  There is the real tomb which is only open by special appointment but next to it is the museum which is a good replica, and has some of the finds on display too.  Worth a visit.  The museum is set in a nice parkland with some cafes and souvenir stalls nearby. 

Opening hours:
May - October 09.00 - 17.00
in winter only after prior arrangements

Entrance fees:
adults 3 LV, students 1 Lv

Further Information - Kazanlak


Thracian Tomb                                       Rose Fields                                Entering The Replica Tomb


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