Choice Rentacar offer a transfer service to and from both Sofia airport terminals and the bus station.  The cost is 3 euros (roughly 6 levs) which is about half the cost of a taxi.  They run whenever the flights do and have desks at both terminals.  For arriving at the bus station to go to the airport they ask that you phone them when you're about an hour away from the bus station and they will arrange to be there when your bus arrives.  Their phone number is 087 878 5665 (+359 87 878 5665 from UK phone) and being a car hire company they will have English speaking staff.  Here is the link to their site.


Recently I took a taxi to get from the bus station to the airport in Sofia, so I thought I would mention a few things here.

Taxis in Bulgaria are coloured bright yellow and one of the main firms is OK Supertrans.  Warnings abound though of the numerous fake taxis cunningly disguised as a legitimate one.  Examples are CK taxis with the 'C' turned into an 'O' to make it look like the others.  Here are a few ideas to prevent a major rip off:

Do NOT go with anyone standing around the arrivals touting for business.  Go directly to the taxi rank which is located on the right hand side of the arrivals area at Terminal 1.

ASK how much the journey is before you get in.  In 2012 it cost just over 12 levs from the airport to the bus station and that was taking the long way round using the main roads.

CHECK that the taxi displays the fares in the window.  The website has an image of the list of prices.

STUDY the label on the taxi to see if it really does say OK Supertrans (Here are some fakes):

Notice the way the OK is done and the word underneath.

ENSURE the driver turns the meter on as soon as you get in the car.  It should register the initial fee and then increase with distance (the journey length is also displayed).

DON'T pay until you are out of the taxi and standing with your luggage.

At the central bus station the taxi rank is immediately outside as you go through the rotating doors.


There is a daily minibus which runs between Gostilitsa and Dryanovo, stopping at several villages on the way.  I don't have an up to date timetable but in 2009 buses were as follows:

Gostilitsa - Dryanovo: 08.30, 14.20/14.30/15.00 (depending on the day)

Dryanovo - Gostilitsa 07.40, 13.30, 17.00

It costs 3 levs each way and takes about 30 minutes.

The bus continues beyond Gostilitsa to Burya where I believe it's possible to get a connection to Sevlievo.


Bulgarian State Railway timetables and routes.

Biomet National Bus Schedule

Central Bus Station Click on the arrow on the top right box and you see an option for English.  You can find travel times for national and international journeys from here.

Route from Sofia Airport to Gostilitsa by public transport.

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