There is just so much to see and do in this town that one page could not do it justice.  Here you'll find lots of links to both practical and tourist information.


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Tsarevets:  Hilltop fortress

Mother Bulgaria Monument and Marno Pole Park

Gurko Street, the Old Town and the Cathedral

Assen Monument and Sveta Gora Park


There are literally dozens of places to eat and drink in Veliko Tarnovo, but I only intend to write about the ones I myself have visited.  But since food is SO lovely, I am certain this list will rapidly be expanding (much like my waistline)!

A great place for a drink and snack if you find yourself near the old part of town is Stratilat (Стратилат) which is situated on the sloping street which runs past all the tiny souvenir shops.  You can sit outside under the shady canopies and just people watch.  My favourite is to get a great big banana milk shake with ice and a slice of one of the fab cakes they do.  Perfect after an exhausting morning hunting for souvenirs.  The first time I came here, in February 2005, I tried to order a Margherita Pizza from the menu.  Having practically zero Bulgarian at the time I just pointed to the menu but sadly she shook her head.  I looked for another type of pizza and pointed but again she shook her head.  This happened a third time and I began to wonder just what kind of restaurant this was.  Did they have nothing from the menu at all?  Then it occurred to me.  In Bulgaria, the side to side head movement indicates yes! Poor girl must have wondered what on earth I was playing at, asking if each item on the menu was available.


Overlooking the Mother Bulgaria monument in town is another restaurant which used to be called Mustang but I think is now called Bianco.  It's a great place to have lunch at any time of year as there are plenty of tables inside and out.  You're not going to get 5* cuisine but I've always found that whatever I ordered was very tasty.  The menu is a doddle as it's all in pictures, and the waitresses are always really friendly.  One time mum and I were there when the folk festival was on.  From our outdoor table we had a direct view of the performers singing traditional songs and playing traditional instruments which was excellent.


Ice Creams!

You MUST buy an ice-cream from one of the kiosks along the main street.  They have a wonderful array of flavours which you purchase by weight.  Go mad and have two or three flavours and smother it in syrup. Yummy!


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