Here are some of the videos I've taken when in Bulgaria.  Click on each title to view.

Ant Nest  On a walk near Sevlievo we wandered off the path and saw this big nest in the middle of a field.

Dryanovo Fountains.  The town centre has been done up including new fountains which run down from the high street towards the town hall.

Easter In Gabrovo  We went to the midnight Easter service in Gabrovo.  Just before midnight we all gathered outside with our candles to proclaim Христос Воскресе.

First Viewing, February 2005  A view from the balcony when I first went to view the house.

Folk Dancing At Etara  They must have been roasting in their costumes!

Hotnitsa Waterfall, September 2008  View of the pool and waterfall.

Hotnitsa Waterfall  As you walk up the ecotrail there are two quite large holes in the ground where you can look straight down at the waterfall.  Dogs and small children on leads!

Inside The House, September 2008  Quick tour downstairs and onto the patio

Log Fire I challenge anyone to look at this and not feel all cosy.

Newborn Kittens, May 2008  A stray cat gave birth in one of the sheds. Two kittens survived so she carried them to a den she had made in the middle of all the weeds and nettles.  This is her feeding them the day after they were born.

November 2012  The weather was so gorgeous today that I spent much of it sunbathing.

Plane Crop Dusting  At least I think that's what it's doing. We saw this on the way back from Pavlikeni.

Slow worm  Found this little reptile when I was digging the veggie patch.

Snow, December 19th 2012  The first time I have been in Bulgaria with proper snow

Snowy Mountains  The view of the mountains in April taken from just outside Sevlievo.

Storm  October 2012 and the sky suddenly became a dramatic deep orange as a storm broke after an unseasonably hot day.

Sunflowers  In July there were fields and fields of these everywhere. This video was on the way to Sevlievo.

Sunset From The Balcony  I thought I'd filmed a lovely serene picture of a rural landscape but when I played it back I realised just how noisy it was, what with the dogs barking, chain saw buzzing and the occasional round of gunfire!

Sunset, 2nd February 2013  A glorious sunset, really intense red sky.

The Shipka Monastery  Discovered this by accident on the way back from Kazanluk one time, spotting the golden dome gleaming in the distance.

Trifon Zarezan, February 2014  Celebrating the spring pruning of the vines to ensure a good grape harvest this year.

Varna  After a lovely hot day on the beach a storm moved in and the heavens opened.  Just like being back in the UK in summer.

Vasil Levski  140th anniversary of his death.  Dryanovo, 19th February 2013

Veliko Turnovo  This was in the old part of town and records the squeakiest door in Bulgaria!

Veliko Turnovo  I can't remember what this part of the town is but it's right on the edge of Veliko just before the road heads uphill towards Arbanassi.

View From The Balcony, September 2008 View from the balcony while John slaves in the garden,

View From The Top Of Gostilitsa  Walked up to the top of the village (what a climb for the unfit!) and was rewarded with a lovely panoramic view.

Walking With Crutches  After fracturing my ankle, Keith bought me some crutches to get around in more easily.

Wasp Making A Nest  Not an ordinary wasp, I think they're called paper wasps.  When I came back a few months later the nest was much bigger and full of hatching grubs tended by several adults, one of whom literally chased me across the yard before giving me a nip on the back of the leg.

Wood Store  Pointed the walls, covered the ceiling with bits of wood and plastic and then began storing next winter's wood supply.

Yalova Ponuda A ritual unique to Gostilitsa. This clip shows the fertility rites!




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